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Top movie producer exposes Agya Koo; says arrogance ‘killed’ his career

A movie producer, Ola Michael, who is also a former Public Relations Officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), has said Agya Koo is very arrogant and that ‘ended’ his career.

Agya Koo has been in the news recently, claiming that his long absence in movies is due to hatred and sabotage meted out to him by producers and fellow actors.

He added that he is unperturbed about those challenges, especially now that the industry is going down the drain.

But Ola Michael says Agya Koo is telling a blatant lie. According to him, Agya Koo, after gaining fame and riches, started displaying arrogance and egotism. Consequently, he became very difficult to work with and so many producers started ignoring him.

In an interview with Hit FM, Ola disclosed that Agya Koo became so proud that he started ordering producers around, to the extent that he gave them timelines to finished shooting.

A producer’s inability to work within Agya Koo’s timeline simply means the actor would walk away from the shoot, Ola revealed. “Agya Koo gives producers just two days to shoot a movie, you won’t have more than two days with Agya Koo.”

“Also, he claims he doesn’t do night scenes because the light affects his eyes. So producers are forced to use less than 48 hours to shoot a movie with Agya Koo. And this was just so much pressure for every director,” Ola disclosed.

Ola stated further that, Agya Koo was simply in his own world acting like a boss on his own and producers had to comply “At that time, people were chasing him with big money and he can decide to increase his rate at anytime because when he knows there will be lots of [film makers] waiting for him,” Ola added.



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