The biggest obstruction to achieving your dreams is procrastination.

One would asked, how do  you get a desired result if you keep on procrastinating. In an act of pursuing your career it tends to be so hard at times more often due to laziness or not focusing on achieving your goals.

Procrastination will cripple your dreams and you will never get to your desired destination. Do not avoid the task in front of you, always have the I can do spirit.

One can overcome procrastination if you have the following ideas at the back of your mind.

  • Make a realistic plan

Write down what you want to accomplish in a diary or a valuable book and keep working towards it. Make a list of your plans start from now and before you realize you have achieved whatever you have on your list.

  • Have a timetable

If you work all the time, everything from your mood to your productivity will suffer. So actually bring out time to take breaks on your  to do list. If you are exhausted, you would not be able to focus and that just makes it harder to start something new. Have time to rest to regain your strength.

  •    Cease looking for perfection

Whatever you do cannot always be perfect. Tweaking and altering your project endlessly is not going to make you happy with the end result. But if you complete a project to the best of your own ability and are proud to put your name on it that will be a plus for you.

  • Avoid over doing it

In setting up a business plan for the week, make sure you are being realistic about what you can handle daily. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Your workload should be scheduled according to your strength.

  • Be kind to yourself

If you have the habit of procrastination, do not blame yourself every now and there. You will not change overnight. To accomplish your dreams you need to work more on yourself and your capabilities.

  • Be a good planner

Always plan your daily activities according to what your strength and capabilities can. Do not over work to stress your body, soul and brain. Always have limit to whatever you do.






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